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Disappointing Light

(2022, ongoing project)

Ertürk_Özge_Disappointing Light_2.jpg

Disappointing Light mirrors the current atmosphere and the melancholic mood residing in Turkey. Uneasy cities are inhabited by people with common struggles, shrouded by uncertainty in silence. Time is witness to the gradual disappearance of what went well before, generating a longing for the feeling of the collective spirit. The light of the land is disappointing, and these visual forms reflect this abstract expression of moments encountered every day.

Ertürk_Özge_Disappointing Light_3.jpg
Ertürk_Özge_Disappointing Light_9.jpg
Ertürk_Özge_Disappointing Light_7.jpg
Ertürk_Özge_Disappointing Light_10.jpg
Ertürk_Özge_Disappointing Light_6.jpg
Ertürk_Özge_Disappointing Light_4.jpg
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